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The Golf Club Valet Ultrasonic Tank holds a full set of golf clubs in one go and ensures a perfect clean every time within the 5 min cycle.

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We can deal with:

Ground In Dirt

Restore the club face to almost new.

Light Rust

Removes where possible.

Grip Clean

Removes all dirt and grime and brings back tackiness.

Clean HEADS + Clean GRIPS = Clean STRIKE!

Our ultrasonic technology cleans both clubs and grips as the transducers vibrate between 50000 & 60000 cycles per second. The movement is transmitted through the water in sound waves causing tiny bubbles to form on both club and the grip.

Bubbles implode during a process called cavitation which removes the dirt from your equipment. The whole process is clean, safe and takes just 5 minutes to complete a full set of clubs.

The Leaders in Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning

Our cutting-edge machines can clean a full set of golf clubs, grips and club heads in just 5 minutes. For the past 4 decades, ultrasonic technology has been used to clean precision medical instruments and delicate electronic equipment. Now, we have brought this technology to help improve your game. Ultrasonic cleaning works by producing millions of tiny bubbles in a solution that implode when they come into contact with any surface, quickly and safely removing any surface contamination. The solution reaches every part of the club head and grips far quicker and much more effectively than any other cleaning method helping to preserve your golf clubs and improve your game

  • Cleans the club face ensuring the grooves are clean
  • Removes light rust.
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Cleans the grips, restoring to a tacky finish.
  • No damage to the club face
  • Almost takes club back to new

Some Golf Club Valet Stats

  • Got clubs ultrasonically cleaned came out superb with grips amazing. Shot nett 69 after wards and won competition in the afternoon. Please hurry back to Forres Golf Club
    Michelle Brown
    Forres Golf Club
  • Heads and grips were professionaly clenaed and the end result is first class. Very delighted with the end product. Look forward to Golf Club Valet being back at Maverston GC next month
    Robert Smith
    Maverston Golf Club
  • Went to Golf Club Valet at Murcar Golf Club on Sunday to get just heads cleaned as grips were needing replaced by my local pro. Eventually i was advised to let Golf Club Valet clean one of the grips to find out that once the grip had dried it didn't need replaced.  Saved me £90 on a new set of grips for only £6. As for the head looks like they were new. First class guys keep up the amazing work. See you again soon.
    Kevin Thomson
    Edinburgh Golf Club
  • Speedy friendly service by Golf Club Valet with great results all for less than the cost of a single regrip
    Peter Marks (Captain)
    Kintore Golf Club
  • Superb club condition after Golf Club Valet ultrasonic cleaned my clubs, much more spin due to immaculate grooves and control on grips which were fantastic. Will use your services again.
    David McDonald
    Kemnay Golf Club
  • Very impressed with the results - had heard it was good but still better than i could have expected. Look forward to being able to use the service again.
    Stewart McDonald
    Forres GC
  • Great job by Klub Klean and done very quickly too
    Ryan MacDonald
    Inverness GC
  • As a keen golfer I like to keep my clubs clean. However after using Klub Klean I have noticed a definite difference in my clubs! Especially in my grips, where now I feel I can make solid contact without my clubs slipping out of my hand! I would definitely recommend this service to all golfers!
    Sean Gunn
    Tain GC
  • Couldn't believe the difference after having the clubs deep cleaned in the ultrasonic tank they look like new. Not embarrased to play with them now. And the grips, they are just like new as well. First class job.
    Joey Harper (Abdn FC)
    Craibstone GC
  • Having used Klub Klean my clubs were in tiptop condition for my golf. Great service. Get your clubs cleaned and find the difference in your game.
    John Rankin
    Forfar GC
  • Wonderful and efficient service when you come off the 18th green. The clubs are the cleanest I have ever seen. Ready to go on your next round without worrying about having to clean the clubs at home. Grips are "A1"
    Michael Joy
    Boat of Garten
  • Very good value, clubs come like new. Grips excellent as tacky once cleaned and would use the service again
    George Davidson
    Buckpool GC
  • It's worth every penny. Very good value service, actually makes me feel confident that I have clean tacky grips and clean clubs. If Klub Klean  service was available at every golf event I would use them.
    Mark Pearson
    Cleethorpes GC
  • Really impressed with grips once they had been ultrasonic cleaned and the clubs are spotless, looks like i have a new set of clubs now
    Michael Lumsden
    Dunnikier Park GC
  • Excellent service, clubs look like new and grips nice and tacky again.
    Ian Smith
    Peterborough Milton
  • Great service that gives you great clubs and grips that feel like new.  Recommend it to anyone who has the chance to experience it
    Alun Jones
    Welschap GC Eindhoven
  • Never used this service before but Gavin asked for one of my clubs. After been ultrasonic cleaned it looked like a new 7 iron. I was going to buy a new set of grips but after Klub Klean cleaned the grips I will not be renewing them. They are like new, nice and tacky. I eventually agreed to have the complete set cleaned and was surprised at the way even the woods came out. It is maybe a coincidence but I went out and shot 43 points in the second round of the Whisky Trail and now leading the tournament. Will be recommending Gavin and Klub Klean to my golf club and other fellow golfers.
    Fiona Findlay
    Lochend GC

Get cleaner clubs with Golf Club Valet

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